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Tutorial – Using Tenon as a Grunt Task

Sample code for this post is available on Github: grunt-tenon-demo. Brief primer on automated task running Grunt is an automated task runner – that is, a tool that is primarily used to automate repetitious development tasks. A whole pile of big companies use Grunt and there are over 4000 plugins for Grunt. Think about the […]

Guest Post: The Ultimate Accessibility Linter, by Joe Watkins

As a front-end developer, I sure have enjoyed adding Tenon into my workflow. I know that when I ship code that has passed through Tenon’s tests, it’s on its way to being as accessible as possible. Many professional web developers lint their JavaScript, CSS, and HTML – you can now add automated accessibility linting to […]

Tutorial: Getting Started with Grunt Tenon Client

This morning I woke up to a Tweet by Joe Watkins. Joe recently wrote a blog post: Getting Started with Grunt Tenon Client. In it, Joe gives a quick but informative overview of using the Grunt Tenon Client package written by Ed Gauci. Thanks guys!