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  • Technica11y November 2018 Edition: Gerard Cohen and Custom Selects

    By Michael Beck | October 25, 2018

    Please join us on Wednesday, November 7, at 11am Eastern for the second in the new webinar series devoted to the technical challenges in making the web accessible, technica11y!  Our presenter will be Gerard Cohen, Lead Accessibility Strategist for Wells Fargo Digital Solutions for Business and the topic will be custom selects. That’s right: […]

  • Introducing technica11y, a new webinar series

    By Michael Beck | September 26, 2018

    Please join us on October 3, 2018 at 11:00am (EDT) for the technica11y, a new webinar series focusing on the technical challenges of making the web accessible!  Our first presenter will be Nic Steenhout, host of the popular A11y Rules podcast.  He will be discussing the hurdles he faced in making both the site and the podcast […]

  • Tenon’s accessible React components – Coming soon to an NPM repo near you.

    By Almero Steyn | September 19, 2018

    There’s a lot cooking in the kitchen these days! While the details must remain a surprise for now, we are updating our website to be more modern and much faster while still remaining extremely accessible. Being an accessibility company, it may come as a surprise that we are using React to build the interactive […]

  • Targeted whole-site testing with Tenon and Google Analytics

    By Karl Groves | July 04, 2018

    “How do I test my entire site?” is one of the most frequent questions we get from customers and potential customers. There are a variety of ways to do this with Tenon. You can use the Spider, or you can populate a project with a Sitemap.xml file. Of the two approaches, I personally advocate for […]

  • Eating one's own dog food

    By Karl Groves | June 28, 2018

    Just wanted to share a quick 2-minute example of Tenon testing itself (original video, sped up 2.5x) Tenon uses and Mocha/ Chai/ Should to perform end-to-end testing of every possible user interaction on the website. Along the way, it also performs accessibility testing. First, it tests general page templates – navigation, header, and […]

  • Phone calls and emails are not sufficient alternatives to having an accessible website

    By Karl Groves | June 21, 2018

    As you’re probably already aware, the Americans with Disabilities Act does not explicitly state that the Web is a “Place of Public Accommodation”. During the Obama administration, the US Department of Justice issued several Amicus Briefs to court cases in which they said that it was their position that the Web was a Place of […]

  • Announcing Tenon's Accessibility Point-of-Contact Service

    By Karl Groves | May 20, 2018

    Since 2015 there have been approximately 200 lawsuits filed in US Courts. There have been several hundred more demand letters sent to retailers, banks, credit unions, and restaurants threatening lawsuits. Nearly all of these have been settled out of court. One thing that nearly all settlements require is that the website feature a prominent mechanism […]

  • Tenon Research first glimpse: The best & worst of content management systems

    By Karl Groves | April 29, 2018

    Since February 2018, has been performing research 24/7/365 on accessibility and publish the raw numbers publicly on our site. The data gathering is ongoing but slow. We analyze logs (from customers who’ve given us permission) as well as crawling the web on our own. We take the logs and analyze the technologies in use […]