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  • Sign up for the first Tenon accessibility bootcamp, October 10 - 11 2017

    By Karl Groves | July 23, 2017

    Throughout my 15-year long career in accessibility, I’ve trained several hundred developers, QA, design, and product staff. Unfortunately, all of this training was done privately, for groups of web staff at a single client at a time. I think it is time we opened training to individuals and small groups who may not have the […]

  • Extreme Accessibility: Rapid Discovery and Remediation, Part 1

    By Karl Groves | July 03, 2017

    Over the last 15 years, I’ve done dozens of accessibility audits. I feel confident that if you hired me to do an audit, you’d be extremely happy with the results of the audit, the level of detail, and the guidance provided to fix the errors I’ve found. I take a lot of pride in the […]

  • Announcing Tenon Site Monitors

    By Karl Groves | August 30, 2016

    We often get questions from customers wanting to test their entire site. As we finish the Spider functionality, I also want to share a new feature. Imagine being able to test your entire site as easily as simply adding Google Analytics to your site. That’s the idea behind Site Monitors. Using Site Monitors, you can […]

  • Web Accessibility in High-Risk Segments

    By Karl Groves | July 26, 2016

    A Quick History There have been over 230 lawsuit settlements that relate directly to web accessibility. More specifically, that’s the number that have been publicized. The real number is likely double or even triple that, as we’ll explain below. The lawsuits generally fall into 7 distinct markets: Government Education Finance & Insurance Healthcare Retail Travel […]

  • A "Global Top 10" isn't your Top Ten

    By Karl Groves | July 16, 2016

    Recently there’s been a bit of a kerfuffle over a LinkedIn article purporting to have done extensive analysis on accessibility across the web in an attempt to create a “Top 10 List” of priorities. There were many strong and negative reactions to the article and I took them to task on my own site for […]

  • Ecosystem vs. Library

    By Karl Groves | July 07, 2016

    “How does Tenon differ from X library?” is a question we often get from potential customers. “X Library” in this case is usually one of aXe, the Google Accessibility Developer tools library, HTML Code Sniffer, and the like. This is a sensible question and we’re happy that potential customers are out there doing their research […]

  • Massive Update to Tests at

    By Karl Groves | May 31, 2016

    A discussion of test quality and transparency at Tenon Tenon recently finished a period of test development the likes of which we haven’t seen since the earliest days of our product. Prior to this update, Tenon had 65 tests. Right now we’re in the process of integrating a series of changes and improvements that will […]

  • So you want to test 'localhost' with Grunt?

    By Karl Groves | March 10, 2016

    In our previous blog post, we described how easy it is to connect to ngrok to allow Tenon to test your local environment. Today we’re going to add ngrok to the grunt-tenon-demo. Everything in this post is on Github and in the add-ngrok branch of the grunt-tenon-demo. To follow along this post, you need a […]