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  • So you want to test 'localhost'? A tutorial

    By Karl Groves | March 07, 2016

    One of the most frequent questions we get is “How do I test my local environment?” We love this question, because it means that the user is venturing into Extreme Accessibility. Unfortunately, Tenon doesn’t have a way to connect to someone’s local environment. But you can do this with a service like ngrok. Lets’ walk […]

  • Tenon seeks sales representatives

    By Karl Groves | February 07, 2016

    Tenon seeks to find independent sales representatives for SaaS, Cloud, and Enterprise Software sales to clients across the globe. Sales representatives will work directly with Tenon’s co-founders to offer solutions tailored to clients’ needs. receives over 130 qualified inbound sales leads per month from users all over the globe. We receive over 4000 distinct […]

  • US Presidential Candidate Websites and Accessibility: Winners and Losers

    By Karl Groves | January 31, 2016

    A few weeks ago, we decided to take a poke around at some presidential candidate’s websites. What we found was nothing short of surprising, so we wanted to share some of what we found. To perform this analysis, we used (that’s us, of course) to analyze all public facing URLs of each candidate’s site. […]

  • Great, I have test results. Now what?

    By Karl Groves | January 20, 2016

    The best feature of an automated testing tool is also its worst: The ability to go through large amounts of code and find errors that don’t require a human to find. Using an automated tool you should be able to test hundreds of pages in a matter of minutes. Finding the average number of pages […]

  • Getting instant return from your accessibility testing

    By Karl Groves | January 14, 2016

    The Accessibility Business Case is something I’m very interested in thinking and talking about. Historically, many in the web accessibility field have produced various facts and figures providing a business justification for accessibility. On my personal site, I’ve discussed issue prevention as a business case. Of all business case arguments, it is the one I’ve seen […]

  • End of Year – Startup experience at 9 months in, product updates, and more

    By Karl Groves | December 18, 2015

    In September, I published Startup Experience: 6 months in. If you’re not already familiar with us, that might be a good prerequisite to getting context for some of the stuff below. This will be our “End of the Year” post, at 9 months of startup experience. I’m going to break this post into two sections: Business […]

  • Issue Density as a performance indicator

    By Karl Groves | October 22, 2015

    High-quality software is not expensive. High-quality software is faster and cheaper to build and maintain than low-quality software, from initial development all the way through total cost of ownership. Capers Jones One of the challenges posed by using an automated testing tool is dealing with issue volume and issues out of context. In the former […]

  • Build vs. buy is even harder when you care about accessibility

    By Karl Groves | September 25, 2015

    This week, we signed up for and installed their code on our site. is incredibly inaccessible. Why would we do such a thing? Nobody likes to reinvent the wheel, especially in cases where the system you need isn’t core to your business. Build vs. buy is a decision that every company has to […]