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  • Core features for a true shift-left web accessibility testing tool

    By Matt Arana | April 11, 2019

    Thanks to the growth and maturation of the digital accessibility industry, automated testing tools are becoming more valued as a critical piece of development infrastructure for any successful accessibility program. As the importance of having a strong accessibility program increases, [...]

  • Things are about to look very different around here

    By Karl Groves | March 08, 2019

    If you've been a long-time Tenon fan, there's one thing that is obvious: The UI is showing its age. That's all about to change. One of the things that has always been a problem with the current landing page is it does not really "sell" Tenon well. It has a cursory overview of the product and that's it. In addition, the product itself has evolved [...]

  • Tenon's new website: Technical challenges and triumphs

    By Almero Steyn | March 08, 2019

    After an intense period of development, the first phase of our new website has gone live. We are really proud of what we have achieved and would like to share some of the choices and challenges we faced along the road and how we overcame them. As you may have noticed, our new website is built on modern JavaScript technologies [...]

  • Accessible validation of checkbox and radiobutton groups

    By Almero Steyn | February 15, 2019

    While we were building our own accessible components library called Tenon UI, we found that it is surprisingly difficult to accessibly link validation and additional informative or hint texts to checkbox and radiobutton groups. In this article we will discuss our findings and propose a reliable solution, but first we will start by looking at […]

  • Web Accessibility Overlays Don't Work

    By Karl Groves | February 14, 2019

    Long-time readers of my personal blog and my followers on Twitter are already well aware of my disdain for “overlay” products. These are products that claim to automatically fix a website’s accessibility issues. All you have to do, they claim, is insert their JavaScript snippet on your website and your accessibility problems will be repaired. […]

  • Important Accessibility News You May Have Missed

    By Karl Groves | January 10, 2019

    Over the holidays a couple of pieces of important Web Accessibility related news came out that you definitely want to be aware of. Expertise Matters In late August, a Judge in the US District Court for Southern Florida decided in favor of a plaintiff in the case of Gomez vs. GNC. The judgment isn’t all […]

  • Important News: Updates to tests on!

    By Karl Groves | November 21, 2018 was created in 2014 with a mission: Change accessibility testing. We did it, bigtime. Today we enter another chapter with a massive list of improvements. All told, the latest deployment contains 162 updates, improvements, and bug fixes. Some of the most notable changes include: Fixing a huge bug testing pages that use CSP. Fixing […]

  • Not to be missed: The Digital Accessibility Legal Summit.

    By Karl Groves | November 07, 2018

    If you’ve been paying attention for a while, you’ve no doubt noticed the extreme rate of lawsuits around Web Accessibility lately. Since October 2015, the pace of lawsuits has been extreme. In fact, the number of private sector accessibility related lawsuits is such that the number of lawsuits on any given month in 2018 rivals […]