Monthly Archives: May 2015

Does Tenon integrate with Selenium?

Actually, there’s not much that Tenon doesn’t integrate with. This is the entire point behind our “API First” philosophy. Our goal, in fact, is to continually seek ways to develop and demonstrate the full power of Tenon. Here’s an example, created by Justin Stockton, of Tenon being used as part of Selenium Testing: This 30 […]

Competitive Analysis #1

A potential client recently asked us: “Why does Product X find so many things that Tenon doesn’t find?”. It was a good question to ask, because all testing tools are different have their own unique approaches to testing. A cursory glance at the results the potential client showed us highlighted a handful of differences. Product […]

On Conformance/ Compliance and Accessible User Experience

Nearly a year ago, we launched our Private Beta. Prior to that, we chose to do an important refactor to how tests were written that allowed tests to be more accurate. We launched Tenon this February with 66 tests. Today we pushed 21 test improvements, 16 of which are new tests. This is not as […]