A11yAMA: Julie Romanowski

On February 19, we’re continuing our new monthly A11yAMA (Accessibility Ask Me Anything) webinar with Julie Romanowski, who benefits from improved accessibility to remove distraction and enable keyboard interaction.

A11yAMA is a friendly, open space to talk frankly with the people behind a disability. We hope you’ll join us to learn how to talk about and think about accessibility challenges, and even some approaches and solutions to overcome them.

The details

Join the A11yAMA webinar the third Wednesday of every month, at 11am ET. We’ll have a new guest each time, and we’ll ask them the questions that you send to us through our A11yAMA form. We’ll announce our guests a week or two in advance, and prepare the best and most asked questions for our guest.

February’s guest, Julie Romanowski

This month, we’ll be talking with Julie Romanowski, a Senior ICT Accessibility Specialist with State Farm insurance (@jr_roman on Twitter). She also has multiple unrelated disabilities, which is more common than not, and both are intensifying over time. In Julie’s own words:
Julie RomanowskiI’m a Senior ICT Accessibility Specialist who has worked in the digital accessibility field for over 15 years, and I live with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). It didn’t bother me as much when I was younger, but the symptoms have increased as I have gotten older. This can be quite a challenge in my work, especially when testing web pages with animation. Animated gifs are the worst. I just can’t ignore the animation no matter how hard I try.

“I’m also a keyboard user. I have arthritis in my hands and find that using a keyboard is much more comfortable that using a mouse. Navigating web pages using the keyboard is also much faster than dragging the mouse around the screen. It’s frustrating when I’m navigating through a webpage and am forced to switch to my mouse because a form control or other actionable element isn’t keyboard accessible.”

Want to know how Julie manages her ADD in a professional setting? Or what it’s like to be a sighted keyboard user, when a lot of accessibility focuses on keyboard accessibility for screenreader users? Or do you have other questions?  Ask Julie your question on our A11yAMA form, or send a question on Twitter 

Get in touch

Join us next Wednesday, February 19, 2020 to talk in depth with Julie Romanowski. Register for A11yAMA to add it to your calendar and to get a reminder.
If you are curious about a particular disability, or if you have a disability and benefit from accessibility technology yourself, we’d like to hear from you. Maybe you could even be a guest on A11yAMA. Reach out to us at a11yama@tenon.io, and let’s start a conversation. 

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