Announcing Tenon Site Monitors

We often get questions from customers wanting to test their entire site. As we finish the Spider functionality, I also want to share a new feature.

Imagine being able to test your entire site as easily as simply adding Google Analytics to your site. That’s the idea behind Site Monitors. Using Site Monitors, you can generate a JavaScript snippet that will test every page on the site. It will only re-test the page if the content has changed.

This feature is extremely powerful and extremely flexible. It also has the ability to completely eat up all of your API calls very quickly so be careful!

I highly recommend watching this YouTube video before you use a Site Monitor:

Tutorial video for Tenon Site Monitors (video).

The most important thing to get right is the use of hashFrom. It can take anything that you can put into querySelectorAll(). Use this to determine whether content has changed on your pages.

This is also an excellent way to test QA environments or areas that require a log-in, because it also sends over the source of the page. This means that you can add the snippet to a QA environment during testing, run through your normal UAT, and get it tested by Tenon at the same time.

So go ahead, watch that video, then head over to to set up your monitors!

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