New Tenon Pricing Option: Pay-Along!

You know you need to do accessibility testing, but you’re having a hard time finding a testing service that fits your wallet.

Most accessibility testing services charge you a hefty monthly fee whether you do any testing that month or not. But maybe you don’t do a lot of testing on a regular basis, or you only do a little bit of testing? Or perhaps one month you test a lot and the next, you’re fixing bugs and don’t do any testing at all.

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Introducing HTML email testing

If you do email marketing, you know how hard-won each of your email subscribers is. Each email address represents a person who is interested in your product and is either a paying customer or a potential customer. Think of how upset you’d be if you lost 15% of your subscribers instantly. That’s what’s happening when your emails aren’t accessible!

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A11yAMA: Wink Harner

Join us for A11yAMA on March 18 at 11am ET to talk with Wink Harner, professor of assistive technology at CUNY, and executive board member for ATHEN, the Access Technology Higher Education Network.

In this installment of our monthly A11yAMA (Accessibility Ask Me Anything) webinar, Wink will talk about how she benefits from improved accessibility to address her genetic conditions, Brachydactyly-Syndactyly syndrome and unclassified degenerative connective tissue disorder. These comorbid conditions  affect both her manual dexterity and her mobility, but they haven’t stopped her from leading an amazingly rich life.

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