Core features for a true shift-left web accessibility testing tool

Thanks to the growth and maturation of the digital accessibility industry, automated testing tools are becoming more valued as a critical piece of development infrastructure for any successful accessibility program. As the importance of having a strong accessibility program increases, companies and organizations are expressing more interest in how they can harness the power of automated testing tools to improve their accessibility program, reduce costs, track compliance, create more accessible IT products, and mitigate risks. At Tenon, we believe our flagship tool is one of the most robust and frictionless automated testing tools in the entire accessibility industry and it can help your organization to excel at automation. As the number of automated testing tools increases, we understand that finding the best automated testing tool for your program can be overwhelming. To help your organization make an informed decision, we created a list of essential features as a baseline to help with identifying features that we think are a must have in order to support your accessibility program:

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Web Accessibility Overlays Don’t Work

Long-time readers of my personal blog and my followers on Twitter are already well aware of my disdain for “overlay” products. These are products that claim to automatically fix a website’s accessibility issues. All you have to do, they claim, is insert their JavaScript snippet on your website and your accessibility problems will be repaired. These incredible claims are without basis in fact and I’ve outlined the technical challenges once before. So, recently I decided to go through an exercise of determining the extent to which we could accurately and reliably create an automatic repair for the things Tenon can test for.

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