CSUN Orientation Webinar

So, you’ve heard about CSUN, and now you’re going for the first time. You’re excited, but nervous. 5000 people, many with disabilities? Hundreds of sessions over 6 tracks? 3 full days, and fuller nights? Wow. Where to begin?


Small girl with wide open mouth drinking from a powerful firehose spraying water in her face

Join Karl Groves and the Tenon team for our CSUN orientation webinar, next Friday, March 6 at 2pm ET, and we’ll help you figure out where to start, and answer your questions. We’ll also just have a rollicking good time, so even if you’re familiar with CSUN, you might enjoy the conversation. Register for the webinar now, and join us next Friday! And make sure to stop by the Tenon booth at the conference itself to say hi! We look forward to meeting you.


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