Does Tenon integrate with Selenium?

Actually, there’s not much that Tenon doesn’t integrate with. This is the entire point behind our “API First” philosophy. Our goal, in fact, is to continually seek ways to develop and demonstrate the full power of Tenon.

Here’s an example, created by Justin Stockton, of Tenon being used as part of Selenium Testing:

Tenon Webdriver Example Video (video).

This 30 second video shows Tenon interacting with and testing the Google home page. There’s no sound, so here’s the description for the video.

  1. It is a Terminal view of Selenium’s output
  2. Selenium loads
  3. It runs an assertion that the page should have “Google” as the page title. (Which is just a basic acceptance test scenario)
  4. Next, it runs an assertion based on Justin Stockton’s Tenon-node module, using the tenonAnalyzeUrl() function. The assertion expects 0 errors.
  5. Selenium then interacts with the “Settings” menu at the bottom of the page. It clicks the link, which opens the Settings Menu.
  6. It then runs an assertion, again based on Justin’s Node module, this time using the tenonAnalyzeHtml() function. This function only tests that Settings menu, not the entire page.
  7. Then terminal outputs that the first test failed and the 2nd test passed.

What this demonstrates is that Tenon can be directly integrated into existing QA automation with little effort, adding a ton of power to an organization’s accessibility test efforts.

Get the code Justin created over at Github!

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