Introducing HTML email testing

If you do email marketing, you know how hard-won each of your email subscribers is. Each email address represents a person who is interested in your product and is either a paying customer or a potential customer. Think of how upset you’d be if you lost 15% of your subscribers instantly. That’s what’s happening when your emails aren’t accessible!

To help you reach your whole audience, Tenon is introducing its email accessibility checker service.

How does it work?

You’ve always been able to test your email content in Tenon. You could just copy the source from the email, paste it in Tenon’s web UI, and view your results. But that’s not a great workflow.

In many organizations, HTML emails have a lightning-quick turnaround. One of our larger customers, for instance, has a 6 hour window from the time someone in marketing says “I wanna send this email” until the time it gets designed, developed, and sent out to customers.

Every minute counts in operations like that, and a clunky workflow makes it easy to miss this crucial step, increasing the odds that you’ll accidentally send out an inaccessible email and lose some of your audience (maybe some of them for good… if you know you can’t read an email, you’ll probably unsubscribe from that sender).

So we’ve made it easy to test the accessibility of your outbound marketing messages. Just send an HTML email to using the email address from your account. We will respond instantly with a CSV attachment of the issues we found, as well as a link to the results on Tenon, where you can dig into the details.

This is a step that can work with any email workflow. Just put it in your checklist and you can test the email accessibility at any stage of the process.

Not just for marketing

Clear communication is critical not only for an external audience like your customers, but internally within organizations as well. In large organizations, you don’t know everyone and you are likely to have employees with disabilities. You want everyone on the same page and you don’t want to risk running afoul of employment violations. For mission-critical emails, you may want to test their accessibility in advance and take steps to fix templates and establish best practices.

email a11yWhat does it test?

Everything! This is a full-featured accessibility checker, with all the power of Tenon’s website checker.

With Tenon’s email accessibility checker service, finding accessibility problems in your email workflow has never been easier!

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