New Tenon Pricing Option: Pay-Along!

You know you need to do accessibility testing, but you’re having a hard time finding a testing service that fits your wallet.

Most accessibility testing services charge you a hefty monthly fee whether you do any testing that month or not. But maybe you don’t do a lot of testing on a regular basis, or you only do a little bit of testing? Or perhaps one month you test a lot and the next, you’re fixing bugs and don’t do any testing at all.

We see you. Tenon wants to knock down barriers to accessibility, so we designed a new pricing model that works for all our customers and not just the big organizations with the larger budgets.

Welcome to our new pay-as-you-go metered pricing: Tenon Pay-Along!

How we do pricing

All of Tenon’s pricing is based on “API calls”. What’s an API call?  It’s an instance of you running a test with Tenon’s service. You test a web page? That’s 1 API call. You test it again? That’s a total of 2 API calls. You test a portion of a page templates or template partial? Each of those is an API call.

Our customers love this flexibility. Many of our competitors base their prices on a limited number of pages: you have to register each URL you want to test and you can test each page as often as you want, but only those registered pages. In practice, we’ve found that most of our users only have to test each page a few times to get it right. So, we let you test as many or as few pages as you like and only charge for the absolute number of tests you run. We don’t dictate how you use your API calls.

For those customers who do accessibility testing on a regular basis, or who have to test a large number of pages, our traditional pricing plan is still the best bargain, with options ranging from 3,000 to 30,000 API calls. Our prices were already lower than any of our competitors, while our testing is still the best and most comprehensive. And our new metered pricing is even better for small organizations.

Think of it this way: Do you want to pay a fixed price for a monthly spot in the parking garage or do you want to park on the street and feed the meter just when you need it?

The metric system

parking meterWith Pay-Along pricing, you pay only for the API calls you use, rather than buying a block of API calls up front.

You pay just $5 per month, then 3¢ (USD$0.03) per API call. That’s a price any business can afford for accessibility, from a one-person dev shop to a retailer or restaurant with a website to a small business.

As with our bulk pricing plans, the more you use, the less you pay per API call. The first 15K API calls will be billed at $0.03 each, up to 30K API calls are billed at $0.025 each, and anything more than 30,001 API calls will be billed at just $0.02 each.

Choices, choices!

Right now, if you’re new to accessibility testing, you might be thinking, “Okay, sounds good, but please don’t make me do math! I don’t know in advance how many API calls I’ll be making. I don’t want to accidentally spend more than I budgeted for!”

We hear you.

Use our API Estimator for an honest recommendation for what’s right for you. We look at how many pages you have on your site, how often you do testing, how many pages you add per month, and how you do manage your code development process.  All of this data gets crunched and we tell you which pricing plan will work best for you.

You can even set a maximum monthly budget on your metered testing, so you don’t end up accidentally overspending.

What if your estimates are off? No worries, you can increase or decrease your maximum spend or upgrade to a regular subscription at any time.

Get started with Pay-Along now

screencap: profile menu

Getting started is simple. Just go to our pricing page. If you already have a Tenon account, first log in, go to your profile (click your picture in the top-left of the page), and click on the Upgrade Account button. That’ll take you to the Pricing page.

screencap: upgrade account

If you don’t have an account yet, just click on the Pricing link at the top of the page, and it’ll take you to the same page. You’ll create an account as the last step.

screencap: pricing menu

Once on the Pricing page, find the Pay-Along card in of the pricing plans (the second in the list), and click Subscribe. Note that you can only have one active payment subscription at a time, so changing to Pay-Along pricing will automatically remove you from any other pricing plan subscription.

screencap: pricing plans, pay-along

On the Pay-Along pricing page,  just set your maximum monthly budget in the Maximal amount field. Input the optional coupon code, if you have one, and that’s it!

screencap: pay-along plan details form

If you need to create a new account, or if you’re not logged in, you have a chance to do that on this same page, along with adding payment info.

screencap: create account form

screencap: checkout button

Click Checkout at the bottom of the page and you’re ready to ready to go! Start scanning your site now!

No barriers

So, what’s stopping you from making your site accessible now? Get started with our metered Pay-Along pricing plan (or whichever plan fits your needs), and let Tenon help you reach your widest possible audience.

Start your free trial of Tenon today!