No Subscription Required

One thing that has become apparent is that not all Tenon users can make use of a regularly-billed subscription. One of our goals, as a business, is to put robust testing into the hands of those for whom pricey tools like Worldspace, AMP, and Compliance Sherriff were too expensive. There are still some users out there who only do periodic testing, so the subscription model isn’t helpful to them.

On the other hand, we sometimes have customers who may periodically need more API calls but not enough to justify upgrading to the next higher subscription tier.

To solve both challenges, we’ve now given users the ability to buy what we call “Boosts”. Boosts are extra API calls you can purchase whenever you need more API calls. Boosts are available in buckets of 20 API calls and they’re priced at $0.05 per API call. The minimum price is only $10 and your Boosts never expire!

All you need to do is head on over to to purchase the number of API calls you need. When you run out, just buy some more!

Start your free trial of Tenon today!