Not to be missed: The Digital Accessibility Legal Summit.

If you’ve been paying attention for a while, you’ve no doubt noticed the extreme rate of lawsuits around Web Accessibility lately. Since October 2015, the pace of lawsuits has been extreme. In fact, the number of private sector accessibility related lawsuits is such that the number of lawsuits on any given month in 2018 rivals the number of lawsuits that happened in the period of 2003-2015.

For many executives and lawyers, this is an entirely new area of concern that they’re unprepared to deal with effectively. Information on this topic is – not unsurprisingly – skewed by one’s perspective and role. Effective decision making on this topic requires considering both sides. The Digital Accessibility Legal Summit hopes to address this. With a slate of accessibility experts and lawyers on both sides, you really can’t put together a better list of people to discuss this topic. The Digital Accessibility Legal Summit is taking place on both coasts – both with a different list of excellent speakers.

Update, November 21, 2018: The DC Edition of the Legal Summit has been cancelled. The Anaheim one in March 2019 is still on.

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