Tenon Makes The Latka 100: The Fastest Growing SaaS Companies in 2019

Karl Groves
By Karl Groves | January 20, 2020

Tenon's SaaS side of the business is one of the fastest growing and most efficient companies.

Since 2014 we’ve been focused on helping businesses large and small to improve their Web[...]

Major updates to Tenon: Spring 2020

Karl Groves
By Karl Groves | January 16, 2020


In late 2012 I had an idea: Change accessibility testing by creating an API-centered tool that frees the user from the requirement that they use an external tool for testing, instead[...]

Happy Holidays! Tenon sponsorships for a11y meetups

Doug Schepers
By Doug Schepers | December 23, 2019

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and season's greetings from Tenon!

A couple weeks ago, we handed you this year's gift, and let you shake the box:

A11yAMA: Nic Steenhout

Doug Schepers
By Doug Schepers | December 18, 2019

We're starting a new monthly webinar called "A11yAMA" (or, Accessibility Ask Me Anything) where we talk with a guest who benefits from improved accessibility.

The Legacy of Dr. Jim Thatcher, Accessibility Pioneer

Doug Schepers
By Doug Schepers | December 09, 2019

This weekend, we learned of the passed of one of digital accessibility's pioneers, Dr. Jim Thatcher.

Takeaways from Accessing Higher Ground 2019

Doug Schepers
By Doug Schepers | December 05, 2019

Two weeks ago, I attended Accessing Higher Ground 2019 on behalf of Tenon. We sponsored the event, and decided to have a personal presence as well as having brochures in the conference bags. This[...]

Accessible Charts with ARIA

Doug Schepers
By Doug Schepers | November 25, 2019

Charts, graphs, and other data visualizations are an increasingly common way to convey complex information quickly to your audience. They're eye-catching, helpful to your users, and they generate[...]

Core Accessibility Concerns for Web Design Agencies

Karl Groves
By Karl Groves | September 17, 2019

With ADA lawsuits on pace to exceed 2,000 this year, there is no doubt that many clients shopping around for a design firm will be asking, “What do you do about accessibility?”

Core Components of an effective Accessibility Statement

Karl Groves
By Karl Groves | September 09, 2019

During one of our recent sales meetings, one of our sales staff informed me that one of his customers had asked us to create an accessibility statement that they could put on their website. So, I[...]

Core features for a true shift-left web accessibility testing tool

Matt Arana
By Matt Arana | April 10, 2019

Thanks to the growth and maturation of the digital accessibility industry, automated testing tools are becoming more valued as a critical piece of development infrastructure for any successful[...]