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  • New Feature in Winter 2018: Projects API and Spider

    By Karl Groves | March 12, 2018

    Easily the most important change to Tenon in the Winter 2018 release is the addition of the Projects API and Spider. The Projects API allows for fully RESTful access to Projects on Tenon, allowing you to list, add, edit, and delete projects from outside of the Tenon UI. This seems somewhat simplistic on the surface, […]

  • Winter 2018 Improvements: More Power Behind Site Monitors

    By Karl Groves | March 05, 2018

    By far, the biggest differentiator between Tenon and all other accessibility tools is that our API-first approach allows us unrivaled flexibility. This is demonstrated quite easily by the number of integrations and related tools that make use of Tenon. Our API gives us the ability to quickly make new things that make accessibility testing easier. […]

  • Rapid remediation with Tenon. Beat bad code with a Mallet

    By Job van Achterberg | February 28, 2018

    Courseware remediation During November 2017, Tenon was approached by a new customer to remediate for them four (4) online courses. This customer is migrating scores of courses to a new platform for a large government agency. Because this agency is in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government, they’re required to comply with Section 508 […]

  • No Subscription Required

    By Karl Groves | January 27, 2018

    One thing that has become apparent is that not all Tenon users can make use of a regularly-billed subscription. One of our goals, as a business, is to put robust testing into the hands of those for whom pricey tools like Worldspace, AMP, and Compliance Sherriff were too expensive. There are still some users out […]

  • Tenon is hiring Accessibility Consultants

    By Karl Groves | November 30, 2017

    Founded by Karl Groves, Tenon LLC was founded in 2014. Initially started as a software company, Tenon offers software solutions, accessibility consulting, training and development to over 200 customers across the globe. We are focused on offering real, long-term, sustainable solutions to our customers’ needs, with an ultimate end goal of a better Web for […]

  • How to prevent inaccessible code from making it to your site using Tenon and Husky

    By Karl Groves | November 25, 2017

    Today I added a new branch to the grunt-tenon-demo repository on GitHub to show how to use Tenon as a Git Hook, using Husky. Personally, I find Git’s own documentation on Git hooks to be woefully inadequate. Fortunately there are some good tutorials out there for creating Git hooks. In some cases, Git hooks don’t […]

  • Rapid Discovery and Remediation

    By Karl Groves | October 09, 2017

    This is the continuation of a previous post: Extreme Accessibility: Rapid Discovery And Remediation, Part 1. In this post, I’ll explain a better process. Over the last 15 years, I’ve arrived at the hard-to-avoid conclusion that the traditional accessibility audit process is not focused on making things better for the customer, it is focused on […]

  • Announcing Automated Test Service by Tenon

    By Karl Groves | August 11, 2017

    Sometimes we have customers who want a complete "snapshot" of the accessibility of their site but may not need a full, recurring subscription to Tenon. They may want a one-off test or they may have needs for things like quarterly scans of their site. Finally, they may need some additional assistance in understanding & interpreting […]