Accessibility at the Fortune 500 – How do they perform?

Introduction During the months of January and February I created a “Bulk Tester” for Tenon as a proof-of-concept for how one could use Tenon to do testing on a series of known URLs of a website. It has proven pretty useful to us as a research tester and has even demonstrated that Tenon is capable […]

Guest Post: The Ultimate Accessibility Linter, by Joe Watkins

As a front-end developer, I sure have enjoyed adding Tenon into my workflow. I know that when I ship code that has passed through Tenon’s tests, it’s on its way to being as accessible as possible. Many professional web developers lint their JavaScript, CSS, and HTML – you can now add automated accessibility linting to […]

What makes Tenon different?

Several weeks ago, Steve Lee asked me a question: "What makes Tenon different?". My answer was, basically, the 140 characters allowed by Twitter was not enough, so go check out this video we have on the homepage. In it I talk a lot about the philosophy behind Tenon. I also have the slides from that […]

Our community is awesome. Special thank you to Ashley Bischoff and Justin Stockton

We’ve recently fixed a pretty significant bug on Tenon, thanks in large part to Ashley Bischoff. Ashley has been using Tenon to provide quick feedback on 150 or so home pages for microsites owned by one of The Paciello Group’s Clients. In the process, she’s provided us with valuable feedback on bugs or inconsistencies in […]

Best Practices, Tips, and Ideas for Creating Custom Client Applications with Tenon API

We get a lot of traffic coming through Tenon’s demo page, also known as "Test Now", but the best use of Tenon is with the API. When talking about Tenon, we often say we’re API first. Everything we do on that performs testing is in itself an API client application. You can see some […]

Tutorial: Getting Started with Grunt Tenon Client

This morning I woke up to a Tweet by Joe Watkins. Joe recently wrote a blog post: Getting Started with Grunt Tenon Client. In it, Joe gives a quick but informative overview of using the Grunt Tenon Client package written by Ed Gauci. Thanks guys!