Announcing Tenon’s Accessibility Point-of-Contact Service

Since 2015 there have been approximately 200 lawsuits filed in US Courts. There have been several hundred more demand letters sent to retailers, banks, credit unions, and restaurants threatening lawsuits. Nearly all of these have been settled out of court. One thing that nearly all settlements require is that the website feature a prominent mechanism for users to contact the website owner with accessibility concerns.

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Winter 2018 Improvements: More Power Behind Site Monitors

By far, the biggest differentiator between Tenon and all other accessibility tools is that our API-first approach allows us unrivaled flexibility. This is demonstrated quite easily by the number of integrations and related tools that make use of Tenon. Our API gives us the ability to quickly make new things that make accessibility testing easier. We want Tenon to work for you, not make you work for Tenon. One way we’ve accomplished this is with Site Monitors.

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Rapid remediation with Tenon. Beat bad code with a Mallet

Courseware remediation

During November 2017, Tenon was approached by a new customer to remediate for them four (4) online courses. This customer is migrating scores of courses to a new platform for a large government agency. Because this agency is in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government, they’re required to comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

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