Tenon Spring 2020: Report Sharing

One of the coolest things about Tenon’s “API First” approach is the ability to use and interact with the product within other systems. For instance, users can access 37 different types of reports from our Reports API to integrate our data into other systems.

But not all of our users want to be able to do that. Many customers just want to be able to share reports with others. So today we’re announcing the addition of a report sharing feature. Users are now able to share reports with others without requiring the recipient(s) of the shared report to be part of the project and without requiring the recipient(s) to have a Tenon account. The report sharing feature generates a unique link that the user can then share with others that points directly to the report being shared.

How to share reports on Tenon

Once you’ve done the testing of your project on Tenon you can choose a report that you want to share with others. For instance, in the screenshot below, you could choose a specific report from within “Issues by Content Category”.


Simply select the specific category you want to view the report from. “Issues by Content Category” lets you select the specific type of content to view issues from. In our case, we’re going to choose to see issues relating to tables.

Once you’ve chosen the report to view, the data is displayed, as normal. However, the new report sharing feature now adds two new buttons at the top of the page: “Share Report” and “Export Report”.

Activating the button labelled “Share Report” will create a new unique link. The “Share Report” button is replaced by an autogenerated URL that you can copy and give to others. Simply send that URL to whoever you want to share it with and they can follow that URL and see the same report data on that page.

Activating the “Export Report” button will generate a CSV file that you can download. The CSV file has the exact data that is currently displayed on screen. The people who receive your shared report link will also be able to download this CSV.

You can also manage your shared report by activating the link labelled “Shared Reports” on Tenon’s main navigation. Once there, you’ll see a list of all of your past shared reports. If you ever want to deactivate or delete your share, you can do that from this screen.

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