Tenon turns accessibility testing on its head.

Tenon started with two developers determined to do it better: to help our customers avoid issues before they occur. The most powerful approach to compliance is to avoid accessibility issues in the first place. And the most powerful tool for developers is one they will use consistently, everyday, as an integrated part of workflow. While other testing tools are focused on testing after the fact, we focus on putting testing in the hands of developers. We recognized this early and thus Tenon, a company for developers by developers, was born.

You like us! You really like us! Since we officially released this March, we’ve seen 1348 registrations, 17,000 visits to our Demo page, and 600,000 API runs.In two months, Tenon has logged over 10,000,000 accessibility issues – issues that when fixed won’t be stumbling blocks for our clients or for their clients.

Tenon’s clients now include Microsoft, Harvard University, AMI Media, University of MA Medical School, MIT, Marks and Spencer, and the Government of New Zealand.

Asa and I recognize that this was only possible because of the generous support we received from the accessibility development community, many of whom donated their time and substantial skills to build plugins for Tenon’s users. We cannot offer thanks enough to the many developers who worked to increased web accessibility by building plugins for Tenon, including a WordPress plugin, a SilverStripe CMS plugin, “Test Now” plugins for all 4 major browsers, two Node Modules, two Grunt plugins, a Node reporter module, a Ruby Gem, a Protractor plugin, a Visual Studio plugin, and integration into the SiteValidator web service.

The best way we know how to thank you is to keep pushing ourselves to develop more innovative and better features.

This month we are pleased to announce we are working hard to complete new features that will enhance our user experience.

  • We’re completing a spider that is very flexible and wicked fast
  • We will be the only accessibility tool to offer a Drupal Module
  • We will be the only accessibility tool with a SublimeText 3 plugin.
  • We will be the only accessibility tool to take per-issue screenshots
  • We will have, without question, the most advanced deployment strategy available for enterprise customers.

We have a lot of innovations and improvements on our roadmap.

So. We’re smarter. We’re better. We’re more agile. We’re cheaper. We’re more transparent. We’re more involved with our customers and with the accessibility community. Tenon is without a doubt, the best choice in accessibility testing. Why are we pitching you on this mailing list?

From the beginning, our goal was to put robust accessibility testing in the hands of everyday developers and teams otherwise locked out of accessibility testing by traditional pricing structures. It’s a noble goal but we need help. Despite our lofty client list, we aren’t backed by investment money. Tenon is a labor of love by two developers, Asa Baylus and Karl Groves. We need you to support us. Your subscription will help fund the kinds of innovation that keep the competition hopping while allowing us to remain affordable to smaller customers the big guys have traditionally ignored.

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