Things are about to look very different around here

If you’ve been a long-time Tenon fan, there’s one thing that is obvious: The UI is showing its age. That’s all about to change.

One of the things that has always been a problem with the current landing page is it does not really “sell” Tenon well. It has a cursory overview of the product and that’s it. In addition, the product itself has evolved rather organically. When new features were added we basically just designed a simple UI for the feature and moved on.

Last year, we decided to redesign the whole thing. After a brief RFP process, we hired Digitpaint to handle the design work and Madevivid to handle the content. After several weeks of hard work, we arrived at a design and content strategy we love. Visually, all of this has been paired with a complete rebrand that will be seen at our booth at this year’s CSUN Conference.

Along the way, a ton of other new changes have been made, such as switching over to DatoCMS and GatsbyJS for the blog and public-facing content such as documentation. Along the way, we’ve also begun putting together Tenon-Ui, our accessible ReactJS UI framework.

We now have everything in place to start releasing things, starting with the new landing page and public facing pages. Throughout the rest of the year, we’ll be releasing parts of the redesign – with also requires/ supports new features – as they’re completed. Due to the significant difference in appearance, we will definitely be giving people advanced warning.

Here’s to the new Tenon!

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